Take a look at any video game console and somewhere on it you will find ports for connection, places where cables draw the images and sounds out of a game and transmit them to a screen.  Without these cables, the consoles are insular technology.  A light may glow to indicate power is flowing to the system, the hum of a disc or cooling fan can be heard, but no real connection will be made with the outside world.  All of the vast lands and epic challenges are locked away on the software, until a component cable bridges the gap.

The goal of this magazine is to bridge the gap between players.  To share personal experiences and individual viewpoints with the rest of the gaming world.  To encourage others to forge their own connections, and express the joy that our collective hobby can provide.

Welcome to Component

Each issue features a collection of essays and artwork on the subject of video games.  Component is available as a print-on-demand magazine through MagCloud and as an instant PDF, sold directly through this site. 100% of the profits from Component will be donated to charity: water to fund clean water projects in the developing world.